Waxing-Perfect walking on beach


Summer has already come for good and getting ready for the holidays. Have you planned when, where and with whom / what you already do and the first images in your mind. Thinking Beach, the sun, the sea, your new swimsuit and immediately after the problem occurs: DEPILATION FOOT-IN WHAT METHOD TO DIALLEXO?

The easiest and fastest method is razor. Painless but temporary effect, unless you diatethimenes to repeat the process each 2-3 days.

And depilatory creams are a simple procedure such as razor. Apofeffete the microcuts that may cause the razor with the same duration but. In 2-3 Days hairs are appearing.

The depilatory machine is a method that makes depilation so stay more carefree days but a bit more painful. The only problem that might be faced is that some trichoules turning inward.

Candle and chalaoua: For 15-20 days your feet will be smooth and soft. You may have some redness day, but the effect lasts. Economical and painful.

The thermolysis-electroplating methods are painful, expensive but with permanent effect. In just a few visits have significantly relieved from annoying hairs.

And finally the laser. The most accurate method but also the most good. After a few sessions you will say goodbye to hair growth by destroying the hair follicle. The result is permanent then.

And now you have an overview of the methods you can consider and decide which suits you. Contact the specialist to solve your queries you may have.

Happy Holidays with Perfect Feet!