Preparation suitcase for summer vacations



The day for the holidays approaching and you start to think what to take with you. Organise So, Take pen and paper and make a list so you do not forget anything either but get unnecessary things with you.

First of all check in time and depending on how many days you will stay prepare your clothes. Keep fit together to have multiple combinations. Remember something more formal, You never know whether to premiums prove necessary. But do not do excesses. A cardigan and a long pants are required, even if you have checked the weather. Do not also forget underwear.

Diallexete to the most relaxing shoes to take with you. Those with the appropriate clothing can be worn at all times. Only a good couple ... we said if needed.

Avoid taking large objects such as hair dryer. Taking up much space in the suitcase and final vacation ... you will no one misunderstand your disheveled hair.

Bubble bath – Shampoo – Creams prefer the MINI SIZE for saving space.

You mean that you put in the suitcase Swimwear – Towel – Sunscreen – pareo.

In a small vanity put your cosmetics. No exaggeration in these. Do not forget toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and everything,what else do you consider necessary.

Make a MINI pharmacy for any eventuality.

Chargers for mobile and other gadgets ( such as camera, tablets, lap tops ) must be in the suitcase.

Finally do not forget to check if you get money and identity or other travel documents that you may need.

Finished. Make a last check to list, check if everything you write is the case and you're ready!