8 why I love summer



Summer arrived and we cherish very! The sun, the sea, warm evenings in the company of a cocktail is a valuation reasons that make us nostalgic just leaves! Below we will see in detail why we love summer!


We love summer because:

  1. Why have hundreds of thousands of kilometers of coastline, where we can make hundreds of thousands of dives.
  2. Why go on holiday! Sit back, relax and fill batteries for the new season.
  3. Why close the schools and have the opportunity to spend more and better time with our children, without the hunt to read and get frustrated family for their performance in school exams.
  4. Why there are countless amazing songs, for every taste, praising the summer and whenever we hear our heartbeats catch anticipation! Listen to some of our favorites ...
  5. Why summer thrive flirting and new loves are born, who even if they keep, They at least make our mood and culminates confidence.
  6. Some of the most fun sports are summer: Rackets, beach volley, beach soccer, tubes, surf and windsurf, water ski, climb, canoeing ... and of course, building castles in the sand!
  7. But even if the weather spoil our, a summer gentle rain is always welcome to cool slightly!
  8. The most beautiful moon of the year, that the August full moon, which this year was held on 24 August, not only brighten our night spectacular, and accompanied, usually, very interesting music and art events.