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The hat, except style, protects your face from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Should, then, necessarily in addition to sunscreen cream to wear, because sun exposure as you well know creates wrinkles and freckles, my lady.

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In recent years there has been quite a lot of confusion about sunscreen and sun protection. For this reason, the American Pharmaceutical Association has provided new guidance for consumers, so we can properly understand the risks of sun exposure and proper protection from damaging rays

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Suitable hours sunbathing



The best times are sunbathing 8-12 morning or 5-8 afternoon!

And attention not over 10 minutes of continuous exposure to the sun!


Young Woman Sunbathing


He entered the summer and we all want a golden tan our skin which we also have time during the autumn months. But should we consider whether the methods are safe for our health; Initially we should know types of solar radiation. It is the UVA (Aging) causing photoaging skin, UVB is (burning) that causes known to us all "redness" and the UVC (cancer) causing skin cancer.

To our sunlight is good but should on the one 10minutes a day to maintain vitamin D- always combined with foods containing it as oily fish, eggs etc.- high! We should further sun exposure to forget our sunscreen on every part of the body (even to our ears!) because we are either pale or tanned report against ultraviolet radiation is the same. So you'll be safe in any case, not thinking that it will not tan…would simply protect, You will tan more slowly but steadily and safely, and in no way will not peel!


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Sunscreen: Όσα πρέπει να ξέρετε για την προστασία σας!



Every year at this time dermatologists are sounding the alarm about the harmful effects of sun exposure and the importance of proper sun protection. Κάθε χρόνο τους κατατάσσουμε στους γραφικούς και κάνουμε του κεφαλιού μας για να μην χάσουμε το εξωτικό σοκολατί μαύρισμα που θα μας κάνει ποθητούς στην παραλία. Μέγα λάθος.

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