Location and Attractions


7km. by Katerina, in a beautiful way, are the pristine beaches of Thermaikos. Here's built the Olympic Coast. A tourist village ideal for relaxing. Olympic Beach offers the visitor all delight. In the organized beaches you can enjoy swimming and water sports (surfing, jet ski, pedalo, beach volley κλπ.)

The sandy shore, stretches for several kilometers with fine, clean sand and shallow sea.
Awarded annually by the European Blue Flag and every summer from a very large number of tourists.

You can also stroll the illuminated promenade, while bicycle and pedestrian for night walks and unforgettable breakfasts.
It has all the necessary infrastructure, such as sports facilities, Pedestrian, access for people with disabilities, parking spaces, watersports, and clinics.

At Olympic Coast have the potential for interesting markets from souvenir shops, jewelers, Boutique, supermarkets, etc..
For your entertainment, numerous taverns, the coffee bar,club, bouzouki will not leave any wish unfulfilled one and are all within walking distance.

During your holidays in Olympic Coast you can easily spend a few hours on a field trip and a fairly close enough sights you can visit.

The prefecture of Pieria combines the beauty of the mountains (Olympus and Pieria Conditions) and intense liquid component (70km. limpid coast). The inexhaustible natural beauty and history is challenging initiation of visitors in the ancient and modern culture.


Within walking distance is the Mount Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece known worldwide mainly for the mythological context of, as the top of (Mytikas 2918-m) lived Twelve "Olympian" gods according to the religion of the ancient Greeks.

The Vergina is approximately 50 km. away. The town became known worldwide in 1977, when the University Excavation of Aristotle University with Professor archeology Andronikos and colleagues, discovered among other graves and a tomb which in his view was the king Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. There archaeological site you can visit.


Just 60 km. away from Olympic Coast, is the Vale of Tempe, formed between Olympus and Ossa. The valley has a length 10 kilometers and the narrowest point of the gorge formed by width 25 meters and a depth of about 500 measure. Within the flow of the river Peneus, which in turn flows into the Aegean. Tempi are the main passage from Macedonia to Thessaly for this reason the area was important in antiquity.


It Dion Located at the foot of Olympus, 5 km from the coast and just 15 km from the town of Katerini.(25km. about by the Olympic Coast). Here Macedonians often gather to honor with sacrifices and offerings of the Olympian gods. In the region should visit the archaeological museum Dion highly valued at the beginning of the archaeological park, with findings from the region of Pieria.


The Waterfall Orly Located within walking distance from Dion (Follow the path to the stream of Orly) and is a unique attraction in the area. It is a magical place where one ends and waterfall forms a mixed pond in a verdant and lush natural scenery in the shadow of Olympus. The appropriate space for ride, Picnics, swimming in the crystal clear waters of the lake and camp for a night.

The Ancient Pydna is 2 km south of Makrigialos (about 30 km from the Olympic Coast) in the latter part of the western coast of Thermaikos Gulf. On the site you will find the ruins of the castle and the Byzantine bishopric Kitrous, the western gate of the castle (opposite the church), the foundations of an inn, bath and small single chamber royal.


To the west of the ancient Pydna is one of the largest prehistoric settlements of the Greek Neolithic Settlement Makrigialos. The settlement was revealed by excavations that began in 1992. The extent of the excavation reached 60 acres, while the total area of ​​the living space is estimated at 500 acres. There have unearthed ruins of clusters of houses, broken pieces of pottery, stone tools and small tools, figurines of clay or marble, charred seeds and bones from animals plentiful.