Measures to prevent the heat from



Sun, water and heat! Summer is the favorite season of many people and not without a vacation is time for a few moments of relaxation from the everyday. Along with the holidays but come and epikyndines temperatures should be careful!

So when the temperature rises bite should be very careful, especially vulnerable groups.

  • Avoid to sit in the sun and do heavy lifting. Preferred are shady and cool places.
  • Wearing hat, sunglasses and dress with Light weight and light colored clothing.
  • Drink lots of water, juices, eat fruits and vegetables and avoid alcohol and heavy meals.
  • We regularly lukewarm shower.
  • If there is a newborn at home, recommended to be dressed lightly. Be sought from the pediatrician on taking liquids.
  • People suffering from chronic diseases (respiratory, cardiovascular etc.) They are advised to consult their doctor for any special measures to be taken.
  • Avoid unnecessary movements especially noon.
  • If necessary we move the days of heat not forget to have with us a bottle of water.

If the epikyndines hours of heat we are in the beach avoid sun exposure and sunburn. We put our sunscreen, drink plenty of water and sit underneath the umbrella.

The main risks from heatwaves are heat exhaustion, heat stroke and sunburn.

Groups that are particularly sensitive to high temperatures and the sun is small children, the seniors, the obese, the pregnant, people who are not accustomed to working in an environment where there is a lot of heat and humidity, the heart disease, the Diabetics, individuals with Respiratory problems, renal failure, people receiving Medication, such as diuretics, etc..