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Drowning does not look like drowning!

Much is written these days about the drowning and justifiable, since it is the time when getting out on the seas and we must be vigilant. As they passed dozens of articles from my eyes daily, I thought that I had read everything on the subject. Until I found the site of Mario Vittone, which are top issues rescue and read the post titled Drowning Does not Look Like Drowning

It is a post of upsets you knew or what we thought we knew about the drowning. In essence explains how a man can drown beside you and you can not discern. I was so impressed by the post that I contacted him and asked permission to translate and publish it in Aspa Online. Also offered to send him a copy in Greek to include the translations published together with the original. Within less than an hour I had answered "yes" to both. Here, therefore Article, with the hope that as a result of this publication may someday save a human life.

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