What should you do if you hit dragon or sea urchin;


Two of the possible summer risks occur, is to step ogress, or urchin. Where carefree walk in the shallows, suddenly feel a severe pain on the sole or our fingers. The bottom deceiving and we must know how to treat them.


Ogress: The weevers lazily enjoy living on the seabed. Covered with sand, indistinguishable, not wiggle and often dense "fall" on them. The weevers have poison in (tough) antennas of the upper blade. At the exact point that stands out from the sand and we press. Just happen to know that the pain is unbearable, unbearable. People stepped ogress, They said almost fainted from pain.

The venom of fish, acting both in the human nervous system and blood. The result in this case is intense and lasting pain, fainting, vomiting and high fever (rarely). Side effects of such pinch differ from person to person depending on the defenses and the resistances of the organism. The skin at the antennas entered, blushes and swells. While pain does not stop and beating up the root member.

That stung us the paw, it hurts horribly whole leg up to hip. Our life if pressed ogress no danger, but if we are close to a hospital or health center, not a bad idea to visit. Rarely can cause allergic shock, similar to what we get if we scorpion stung.

Once pressed ogress, We must calmly get out of the water and thoroughly disinfect the point that stung us. As the hours passed the poison wears off. A nostrum that seems to be effective, is burning. The venom of Drakena, when heated from 50 degrees Celsius and above, inactivated. Fishermen who know them, suggest to approach with special attention (to stop us getting burned) the ember of a cigarette in the wound.

Usually after 48 – 72 hours the pain and swelling subside. Must nevertheless inform our doctor may recommend us analgesic pills.

Sea urchins: Whoever presses urchin is "luckier" than someone else stepped ogress. This is because although it hurts, but in any case as the ogress. When pressed urchin and after the first "underwater" surprise, You have to go carefully on the beach, to walk without the leg who fucked. Broken spines that would have nailed our paw, can with walking getting further into.

First temper, the sea urchin sting never died one. The first thing to do is anoint the area with the thorns (usually many black spots in our skin), with olive oil to soften. It will relieve the pain if our foot dive into a basin of warm water. Then, after the skin has softened, we must draw the quills one by one. Press the flesh, right and left of the thorn, until xemytisei the skin. After a tweezers to pull. It is advisable to have a magnifying glass to see. Caution, there is the pin option. After the disinfect with alcohol, very carefully, the press and comes Agathaki. When finally finished this process must disinfect the area, green soap or peroxide, to avoid infection.

If they remain thorns in the skin, do not be stressed, over time they will eliminate themselves.

If we continue to experience pain much, We may want to visit a hospital, or a doctor. Until you get pain should not press with injured leg, while continuing epalipseis with olive oil will alleviate our.