Dear customers,


Welcome to Irini Rooms


We would like to inform you that our accommodation establishment is fully in line with the special health protocols, on which tourism enterprises rely to take measures against the coronavirus COVID-19, as laid down in the Joint Ministerial Decision no. 1881/29.5.2020 by the Ministries of Finance, Health and Tourism (Greek Government Gazette 2084 Β’/ 29-5-2020).


All members of the accommodation staff have received the necessary training to comply with the health protocols.


The accommodation establishment has obtained the “Health First” certification seal from the Ministry of Tourism, indicating that the operation complies with all health protocols.


In our attempt to adapt to the new circumstances brought by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we ask for your understanding and compliance with the measures applied to prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus transmission.

We would like to inform you that the operation bears no liability against any person, relating directly or indirectly to the coronavirus COVID-19, since we comply with the special health protocols and bear the “Health First” certification seal (Article 60 (5) of Law 4688/24-5-2020).

On behalf of the Irini Rooms. Management, we wish you a pleasant and safe stay!




  • Where required, personal protective equipment is available: disposable masks (simple surgical or fabric/ cloth) and disposable gloves.


  • The operation complies with the circular of the Ministry of Health “Protection of Public Health by the coronavirus SARS-COV-2 in the water supply and sewerage systems”.


  • All employees of the accommodation establishment apply the basic measures to prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus transmission: hand washing, use of antiseptics, keeping physical distances, avoiding hand contact with the face and generally complying with the personal and respiratory health measures.


  • Irini Rooms has been appointed as the coordinator of the accommodation to supervise the implementation of the plan for compliance with the rules of health protocols against the coronavirus COVID-19.


  • All specified procedures under the guidelines set by the Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY) on the management of any suspected COVID-19 case are fully complied with.


  • All members of the accommodation staff use personal protective measures, which are always available.


  • Should a staff member display any symptoms relating to the disease, he/ she must stay home and return to work only if the laboratory test is negative. Moreover, anyone who has had contact with a case must stay home. In any of the above cases, the employee shall notify the manager to apply the suspected case management plan.


  • For the purposes of public health protection actions, the accommodation management/ administration keeps a record of staff members and all persons who stayed in the accommodation, that is name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail), so it is possible to communicate with the close contacts of any COVID-19 case, which may be identified afterwards.

Attention is also paid on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all customers are informed that a record is kept for public health protection reasons.


  • The operation has special equipment (medical kit) for the occurrence of a suspected case, such as gloves and disposable masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, aprons, long-sleeved robes and laser thermometer.


  • Measures are taken during check-in/ check-out to avoid overcrowding and distances are kept.


  • All key cards and keys are placed in a special container for disinfection before given to guests.


  • The accommodation operates with extended check-in and check-out hours between stays (check-in from 3.00 pm and check-out until 11.00 am).

This change in the time intervals between every check-in and check-out is mandatory to ensure that between different customers the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and adequately ventilated in a natural manner.


  • It is forbidden for visitors to enter the rooms.


  • Special cleaning instructions apply in the event of a COVID-19 case according to the respective EODY guidelines.


  • During work, the staff comply with the basic measures to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus COVID-19; they do not smoke, they do not consume food or drinks and they are equipped with gloves, masks (simple surgical or fabric), robe and closed shoes.


  • Room cleaning during the stay is not frequent (avoiding contact of the cleaning crew with a possible case and further transmission) and the linen/ towels are not changed every day, only upon request of the customer.


  • There is a possibility to choose a policy between regular cleaning and waiting 24 hours before the room is available to a customer or meticulous cleaning and disinfection (e.g. with steam cleaner) of the most touched surfaces of the room and bathroom.


  • The fabric surfaces, where any (e.g. upholstery), are cleaned with a steam device at a temperature of > 70° C.


  • The staff complies with all hygiene rules when collecting dirty linen by using the appropriate personal protective equipment (special disposable apron over the uniform, gloves and mask).


  • Used fabrics, bedding and towels are placed in closed, marked bags or sacks to be transported to the laundry facilities.


  • Separation (marking) of areas of dirty and clean linen is performed.


  • The carts for transporting the closed bags with the linen are disinfected after each use.


  • Fabrics, bedding and towels are washed in hot circles (70o C or more) with the commonly used detergents.


  • In case the linen cleaning service is provided by an external partner, checks are performed on compliance with the required measures of proper receipt and delivery.


  • It is ensured that the clean linen is maintained in a good and clean condition during their storage and transport to the use areas (rooms, restaurants, etc.)


Reception/ WC

  • Antiseptic gel for use by the customers (fixed or non-fixed devices) is available at the reception desk as well as in shared WCs. The reception desk is also regularly disinfected.


  • Reception desk is properly designed, with the addition of floor markings at a distance of two meters where the customers should stand, proper marking of distances in the waiting area, safe arrangement of furniture and proper queue management in order to reduce the time of waiting.


Health-regulated establishments

  • For catering services and kitchens which include restaurants a la carte, buffet restaurants/ breakfast halls, indoor and outdoor bars, the health provisions as well as the EODY guidelines are applicable, as in force.


  • Here, too, in addition to the above, the hand disinfection at the entrance and exit from each space (fixed or non-fixed devices) and the adoption of the basic measures to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus COVID-19 are applied by the staff.


  • There are antiseptic solutions for the dry disinfection of the hands in all common areas (e.g. reception desk, shared WC) in fixed or non-fixed devices.


Swimming pools

  • The maximum total number of people entering the pool at any given time will be one person per 5 sq.m of water surface.


Management of suspected COVID-19 case

  • If a guest has symptoms compatible with the COVID-19 infection, the following apply:


  1. The operation health manager contacts EODY IMMEDIATELY at +30 210 5212054 or the special four-digit number 1135 for the medical evaluation of the case.


  1. If the patient is in urgent need of hospitalization, that is he/ she presents with a severe clinical picture, he/ she is transferred to the local health unit as a suspected COVID-19 case. If it is not possible to handle a COVID-19 case at the health infrastructure of the area, there must be a provision for transporting the patient (“EKAB” National Emergency Aid Centre, water ambulance, air ambulance) to the nearest health unit that can cope with it.


  1. If the patient has a mild clinical picture, a sample for laboratory confirmation of COVID-19 is taken by the physician.


  1. If the case is assessed as possible COVID-19 by the examining physician, the operation health manager contacts EODY IMMEDIATELY at +30 210 5212054 or the special four-digit number 1135 (24 hours a day) to report a suspected case and take instructions for dealing with it.


  1. The patient with a mild clinical picture remains in his/ her room until the results of the laboratory test are announced.


  1. During the above waiting period, the entrance of staff into the patient’s room is avoided, as long as there is no significant reason. If necessary, a staff member of the accommodation is advised to deal exclusively with the possible case.


  1. The establishment physician and the staff that will enter the room of the suspected or later confirmed case must use high-protection personal protective equipment (masks, goggles, waterproof disposable robes). The same goes for the crew that will take over the cleaning of a COVID-19 patient’s room.


  1. If confirmed as a COVID-19 case, the patient is transferred to the special quarantine hotel and later to a health facility that will accommodate patients with COVID-19 if the patient needs treatment. If not confirmed as a COVID-19 case, the patient is treated at the hotel with the instructions of the treating physician.


  1. The patient is transported with a simple surgical mask and private means of transport.


  1. If there is a companion of the patient (e.g. spouse) who wishes to stay by and take care of the patient, the companion should be given a simple surgical mask and advised to wash his/ her hands every time he/ she comes in contact with secretions of the patient (e.g. saliva) and definitely before the companion touches his/ her face or eats or drinks.


  1. The patient’s contact details must always be recorded if consent is required for interventions when the patient is not able to communicate.


  1. Used protective equipment (simple disposable surgical mask, gloves) should be discarded in a container and never used again.


  1. After disposing the protective equipment, hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water. It should be stressed that the use of gloves does not replace hand washing, which is a very important means of prevention.







Dragi gosti,


Želimo Vam dobrodošlicu u Irini Rooms


Obaveštavamo Vas da su naše smeštajne jedinice prilagođene specijalnim sanitarnim procedurama, na osnovu kojih funkcionišu turistički objekti u okviru preduzimanja mera u borbi protiv virusa korona COVID-19, kako je propisano članom 1881/29.5.2020. Zajedničke Odluke Ministarstava ekonomije, zdravlja i turizma, (Službeni list 2084 II / 29.05.2020).

Svi zaposleni u našim smeštajnim jedinicama su prošli neophodnu obuku za poštovanje i sprovođenje sanitarnih procedura.

Smeštajni objekat je dobio sertifikovanu oznaku „Health First“ od Ministarstva zdravlja, što je dokaz da se sanitarne procedure poštuju.

Ulažemo napore da budemo u koraku sa novonastalom situacijom, izazvanom pandemijom virusa korona COVID-19, pa stoga Vas molimo za razumevanje i za sprovođenje mera u cilju sprečavanja prenošenja virusa COVID-19.

Obaveštavamo Vas da ovaj objekat i preduzeće ne snose građansku odgovornost prema nijednom licu, direktno ili indirektno povezanom sa virusom korona COVID-19, s obzirom da se pridržavamo specijalnih sanitarnih procedura procedura i posedujemo sertifikovanu oznaku „Health First“ od Ministarstva zdravlja (paragraf 5, član 60, Zakon 4688/24.05.2020.).


U ime uprave u Irini Rooms želimo Vam ugodan i siguran boravak!





  • U prostorima gde je neophodno, nalaze se sredstva za ličnu zaštitu: maska (obična hirurška maska ili platnena maska) i rukavice za jednokratnu upotrebu.


  • Preduzeće posluje u skladu sa objavom Ministarstva zdravlja „Očuvanje javnog zdravlja od virusa korona SARS-COV-2 u sistemima snadbevanja vodom i kanalizacionim sistemima“.


  • Svi zaposleni u našem preduzeću primenjuju osnovne mere za borbu protiv virusa korona COVID-19: higijena ruku, upotreba dezinfekcionih sredstava, izbegavanje rukovanja, pridržavanje fizičke distance, izbegavanje dodirivanja lica rukama i uopšte mere koje se odnose na održavanje lične i respiratorne higijene.


  • Kao odgovorna osoba u objektu određen/a je …… , sa zaduženjem da sprovodi plan i mere sanitarnih procedura, u okviru preduzimanja mera u borbi protiv virusa korona COVID-19.


  • Poštuju se predviđene procedure u skladu sa uputstvima Insituta za javno zdravlje, ukoliko se pojavi slučaj za koji se može osnovano sumnjati da je zaražen virusom COVID-19.


  • Zaposleni u objektu koriste sredstva za ličnu zaštitu, ona sredstva koja su neophodna.


  • Zaposleni kod koga se manifestuju simptomi virusa ne dolazi na posao, a povratak na radno mesto je moguć nakon odrađenog testa koji je negativan. Takođe, ukoliko je zaposleni došao u kontakt sa zaraženim, u obavezi je da ostane kući. U ovim slučajevima zaposleni obaveštava svog nadređenog o primeni plana delovanja u slučaju sumnje da je neko u objektu zaražen.


  • U cilju očuvanja javnog zdravlja, uprava vodi evidenciju zaposlenih i svih gostiju koji odsedaju u ugostiteljskim jedinicama – ime i prezime, država iz koje potiču, datum dolaska i odlaska, kontakt podaci (adresa, telefon, email), da bi bila omogućena komunikacija u slučaju da je neko od navedenih bio u direktnom kontaktu za zaraženim COVID-19, što može naknadno biti utvrđeno.

Takođe se uzima u obzir Opšti Pravilnik o Zaštiti ličnih podataka (GDPR) i obaveštavaju se svi posetioci da se evidencija vodi zbog očuvanja javnog zdravlja.


  • Preduzeće poseduje specijalnu opremu – medical kit, u slučaju da se pojavi sumnja da je neko od gostiju zaražen, koji se sastoji od opreme kao što su jednokratne maske, dezinfekciona sredstva, antibakterijske vlažne maramice za čišćenje, kecelja, mantil dugih rukava i laserski toplomer.


  • Poštuju se mere držanja distance i izbegavanje gužve tokom procedure check-in/check-out


  • Sve key cards kartice i ključevi se odlažu u specijalnu kutiju i dezinfikuju se pre predaje istih gostima.


  • Preduzeće je uskladilo radno vreme na način da između check in i

check out procedure postoji vremenski period (check out do 11h i check in

od 15h). Ovaj vremenski period je neophodan, da bi se tokom njega soba

detaljno očistila, dezinfikovala i provetrila.


  • Zabranjen je ulaz u sobe onima koji nisu gosti smeštajnih jedinica.


  • Sprovode se specijalne mere čišćenja u slučaju pojave zaraženog slučaja, u skladu sa uputstvima iz Instituta za javno zdravlje.


  • Zaposleni se u toku radnog vremena pridržavaju mera za sprečavanje prenošenja virusa korona COVID-19, zabranjeno je pušenje, konzumacija hrane i pića, dok je obavezna primena rukavica, maski (hrirških ili platnenih), mantila i zatvorenih cipela.


  • Čišćenje soba nije učestalo, u cilju sprečavanja dolaska u kontakt osobe zadužene za higijenu sa potencijalnim zaraženim, te samim tim u cilju sprečavanja prenošenja virusa. Svakodnevno menjanje posteljine i peškira neće biti praktikovano, osim po zahtevu gosta.


  • Postoji politika koja nudi opciju regularnog čišćenja i čekanja 24 časa prije nego što se soba preda gostu, kao i opciju detaljnog čišćenja – dezinfekcije (na primer: čišćenje parom) površina i kupatila.


  • Površine koje su od tkanine, kao što je nameštaj, se tretiraju aparatom na paru na temperaturi višoj od 70°.


  • Prilikom sortiranja prljave posteljine zaposleni poštuju sanitarna pravila i nose specijalnu kecelju za jednokratnu upotrebu preko uniforme, rukavice i masku.


  • Sva korištena posteljina i peškiri se odlažu u zatvorene, označene kese ili džakove, i na taj način se nose u vešeraj.


  • Označene su prostorije u kojima se razdvojeno odlažu čisto i prljavo rublje.


  • Kolica u kojima se prevozi rublje u zatvorenim džakovima se dezinfikuju nakon svake upotrebe.


  • Rublje, posteljina i peškiri se peru regularnim deterdžentima na temperaturama 70° i više.


  • Ukoliko je potrebno angažovanje vanjskih saradnika radi pranja rublja i uniformi, sprovodi se kontrola i poštuju se mere isporuke i preuzimanja u skladu sa propisanim merama.


  • Brinemo o čistoći uniformi i rublja, kao i o njihovom transportu do soba, restorana i drugih prostora, u skladu sa propisanim merama.





Recepcija/ WC

  • Na recepciji kao i u javnim toaletima postoji dostupno sredstvo za dezinfekciju (fiksirano kao i u ambalažama). Takođe, površine pulta na recepciji se redovno dezinfikuju.


  • Recepcija je koncipirana u skladu sa merama za sprečavanje virusa, uz naznaku na podu da je neophodno držati distancu od 2 metra, a nameštaj je postavljen na način da bi se izbeglo formiranje redova i na optimalan način regulisalo vreme čekanja gostiju.


Lokali povećanog sanitarnog interesa

  • U lokalima u kojima se priprema i služi hrana: u restoranima a la carte, restoranima sa bufe – švedskim stolom, barovima u zatvorenom i na otvorenom prostoru, primenjuju se sanitarne odredbe i procedure na način kako su one propisane od strane Instituta za javno zdravlje.


  • I u ovim lokalima je obavezna dezinfekcija ruku pri ulasku i izlasku (fiksirana dezinfekciona sredstva ili sredstva u ambalaži), kao i sprovođenje mera za zaštitu od prenošenja virusa korona COVID-19 od strane zaposlenih.


  • Postoje sredstva za suvu dezinfekciju ruku u obliku gelova na svim prostorima u fiksiranim aparatima ili ambalažama (npr. na recepciji, u javnim toaletima).




  • Najveći broj gostiju koji mogu istovremeno boraviti u bazenu je: 1 kupač na 5 m2.



Mere u slučaju sumnje da je gost zaražen virusom korona COVID-19

  • Ukoliko neko od gostiju manifestuje simptome koji ukazuju na virus korona COVID-19 primenjuju se sledeće mere:


  1. Osoba odgovorna za sprovođenje sanitarnih procedura se ODMAH obraća Institutu za javno zdravlje, putem telefona 210 5212054 ili 1135 da bi slučaj bio ocenjen od strane lekara.


  1. Ukoliko je neophodna hitna hospitalizacija, usled ozbiljne kliničke slike pacijenta, on se prebaca u najbližu zdravstvenu ustanovu, kao pacijent za koga postoji sumnja da je zaražen virusom korona COVID-19. U slučaju da ne postoji mogućnost da se najbliža zdravstvena ustanova na adekvatan načine pobrine za pacijenta, odnosno ako ne postoje sanitarni uslovi za njegov prijem, u tom slučaju je obavezno predvideti mogućnost transporta pacijenta bolničkim kolima ili helikopterom do najbliže ustanove adekvatno opremljene za njegov prijem.


  1. Ukoliko pacijent ima blagu kliničku sliku, lekar uzima uzorak za laboratorijsko testiranje radi potvrđivanja virusa korona COVID-19.


  1. Ukoliko lekar slučaj oceni kao mogući zaraženi od COVID-19, osoba odgovorna za sprovođenje sanitarnih procedura se ODMAH obraća Institutu za javno zdravlje, putem telefona 210 5212054 ili 1135 (tokom 24h), da prijavi sumnju o zaraženoj osobi i potvrdi uputstva o daljim koracima.


  1. Pacijent sa blažom kliničkom slikom ostaje u svojoj sobi, sve dok se ne obelodane rezultati laboratorijskog testiranja.


  1. U toku ovog boravka, izbegava se ulazak zaposlenih u sobu pacijenta, ukoliko ne postoji važan razlog za to. Ako postoji potreba, određuje se jedna osoba – zaposleni, koji će isključivo kontaktirati sa gostom, koji je možda zaražen.


  1. Lekar i zaposleni u hotelu koji će imati pristup sobi u kojoj boravi gost (za koga se sumnja da je zaražen ili gost za koga se potvrdi da je zaražen) su u obavezi da koriste sredstva visoke zaštite, ako što su maske, naočari, nepropusne mantile za jednokratnu upotrebu. Isto važi i za zaposlene koji će održavati higijenu prostorije u kojoj se nalazi zaraženi.


  1. Ako se potvrdi da je gost zaražen korona virusom COVID-19, prebacuje se u poseban hotel koji ima ulogu karantina, a kasnije u sanitarnu jedinicu u kojoj su zbrinuti pacijenti zaraženi virusom, ukoliko je potrebna hospitalizacija. Ako se ne potvrdi prisustvo virusa, gost se smešta u hotel, uz instrukcije lekara o daljim koracima.


  1. Pacijent se prevozi uz nošenje obične hirurške maske i u privatnom prevoznom sredstvu.


  1. Ako postoji pratnja pacijentu, na primer suprug ili supruga, tada se pratnji dodeljuje obična hirurška maska, ističe se da je neophodno pranje ruku svaki put kada dolazi u kontakt sa pacijentom (ili njegovom pljuvačkom), a obavezno pre konzumiranja jela, pića ili dodirivanja lica.


  1. Uvek je neophodno uzeti podatke o bliskom srodniku pacijenta, u slučaju da bude potrebna saglasnost za eventualne intervencije, a pacijent ne bude u mogućnosti da komunicira.


  1. Korišteni sanitarni pribor (hirurška maska za jednokratnu upotrebu, rukavice) se odlažu u kantu za smeće, da ne bi došlo do ponovnog korišećenja istih.


  1. Nakon odlaganja gore navedenog pribora, ruke se detaljno peru vodom i sapunom. Ističe se da upotreba rukavice ne zamenjuje pranje ruku, koje je ključna mera prevencije.